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Resources : Test and Tag Regulations

Test and Tag Regulations


This page contains quick links to a number of useful Occupational Health and Workplace Safety documents and websites, many of which can be difficult to locate. Test and Tag Regulations.

New-To-Service labels

Changes to AS/NZS 3760 in 2010 now require that all new-to-service electrical equipment be visually inspected and tagged appropriately. This document has the necessary text and fields to help you comply with these new requirements. Simply print onto Avery L7063 heavy duty labels or equivalent, fill out the dates using a permanent marker and attach to the equipment. Each label is 99.1mm x 38.1 mm.

Managing Safety in Your Workplace

A WorkSafe Victoria step by step guide which features guidance and practical tools such as a safety action plan and check list to assist workplace safety. Whatever industry you’re in, think about safety the same way you think about product development, distribution, marketing, sales targets or any other management issue. Plan for it, invest in it, manage it and regulate it.


A WorkSafe Victoria guide to office safety, incorporating ergonomics, hazardous substances, computers and psychosocial factors amongst others.

12 Ways to Make Small Business Safer

A WorkSafe Victoria guide to help small business employers make their workplaces safer. It focuses on 12 workplace hazards WorkSafe Inspectors regularly come across during visits to small business. It offers practical advice on how to identify and resolve these common workplace health and safety hazards.

Worksafe Victoria Publications

Search for other WorkSafe Victoria Publications from their own search engine. 

Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

The Victorian OH&S Act in lawyer-friendly form.

Electricity Safety Act 2004

The Electricity Safety Act in lawyer-friendly form.
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Test and tag process are structured in a way to meet all the Test and Tag Regulations of Australia. And also to check the functionality of your equipment's.