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Nursing Homes

Electrical Testing and Tagging | Q-safeWe specialise in testing and tagging the electrical equipment in all areas of aged care hostels and nursing homes.

Electrical Testing and Tagging

Aged care hostels and nursing homes have a variety of environments, each with their own hazards:

  • Offices
  • Common and utility areas
  • Kitchen
  • Resident rooms

Typical equipment that requires testing and tagging in aged care hostels and nursing homes:

  • Extension leads
  • Powerboards
  • TVs and other AV equipment
  • Lamps
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers/dryers
  • Electrically operated beds and chairs
  • Battery chargers

The variety of environments and unique requirements of the aged care industry presents challenges that few other test and tag providers can meet in a cost-effective manner.

By testing and tagging to AS/NZS 3760, we can ensure you fully comply with your legal obligations to your employees and residents, as well as saving you money.

As many aged care facilities invoice the testing and tagging of the residents personal items to the resident, we can provide a CD which contains a full database of all your tested assets and a reporting program that can create reports containing the items tested in each resident’s room. This saves you time and money by not having to count them yourself.

Electrical Testing and Tagging

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At Q-safe we offer Electrical testing and tagging services to comply with your legal Obligations and safety legislation. Q-safe Testing and Tagging.