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Test and Tag Prices


Q-safe Test and Tag Prices are affordable by all industries and organisations,

We know you don’t like being ripped off any more than we do. It’s why we keep our pricing simple and transparent, making us one of the most cost-effective providers around.

We don’t draw you in with a low tag price just to hit you with travelling charges, log book report fees or anything else.

Our standard price is $6/tag for single phase items and $8/tag for 3 phase items with volume discounts available.

Without the hidden extras, our invoices are often less than those that charge only $3/tag.

We only have a minimum charge of $100 for a site visit which includes all testing and tagging up to $100 of value and all reports.

Of course, any repairs we carry out will incur a cost but we’ll always check with you first and tell you how much it will cost and get your permission to carry out the repair.

Simply multiply the number of items you have by 6 or 8 and that’s what you’ll pay. No additional call-out fee, no additional fees for the reports.

Too much? If the calculated cost is over $500, call us and ask for a discount.

Sample costs

No of single Phase Items No of 3 Phase Items Tag Price Total Cost
12 0 $6 $100
30 0 $6 30×6 = $180
80 0 $6 80×6 = $480
0 10 $8 $100
0 30 $8 30×8 = $240
50 10 50x$6 + 10x$8 300+80 = $380


Simple, huh?

Compare us with the full cost of other suppliers and you’ll wonder why you even considered them!

With no hidden charges.visit us!!

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Electrical Testing and Tagging
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Q - safe Electrical Testing and Tagging
Q-safe Test and Tag Prices are affordable by all industries and organizations, Here you can check all the pricing of the services we offer.